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" It is simple: without Weyield Apps, I am just blind. "


Revenue Manager @Europcar Atlantique France, 7000 cars

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" It is simple: without Weyield Apps, I am just blind. This set of tools is incredibly simple to handle. For me, the WeYield application is the best Revenue Management tool ever for car rental! "


Revenue Manager @Europcar Atlantique France, 7000 cars

" WeYield apps have had a massive impact on us! Now we are able to look ahead at July and August and think about our strategy for these months. This is something we could never have done before, as it takes so much time to do manually. "


Revenue Manager @VWUK, 2000 cars

" I can anticipate much more in advance with WeYield web applications, I have much faster access to the pricing information, saving me so much time. I embrace a wider scope of seasonal prices and can anticipate much more in advance. Being able to control broker’s prices is a great added value. "


Revenue Manager @Hertz Switzerland, 5000 cars

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Why do you need WeYield?

  • As a Revenue manager you are in charge of increasing the margin of the car rental operator by balancing the utilization of the fleet with the highest prices possible. Efficiency, reliability, automation are crucial to perform all your daily tasks.

  • You must look at current and future fleet utilization by car groups, location and duration. That's why WeYield apps will provide you all the information you need, such as demand forecasted to increase revenue and profit ; and monitoring of all the market competitors.

How can we help you?

  • WeYield helps you gain precious time by aggregating all data during the night coming from inhouse or the market.

  • Computation and forecasts are available at all times. Alerts and Insights are available to detect changes and anticipate trends.

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